Do you have an emergency? No Worries. At LMV Electric we have a professional electrician to help you and we will arrive promptly to address your emergency. Do not wait too long when you are faced with an electrical problem. Almost always a small problem arises to a huge one, with big repair costs associated with it. Call us immediately 773-575-8252 after hours text us at 773-575-8252.

Your Mount Prospect licensed electricians can help with all of your electrical emergencies like total loss of power loss, partial power loss, and breaker failure. Other emergency services include: flickering lights, outlets working sporadically, circuit breakers that frequently trip or shut off, smell of burning rubber or plastic, heat coming from electrical components, sound of sizzling or humming coming from electrical components. Those could be minor electrical problems but if not monitored and rectified, they can lead to bigger dangers. We also can check for more serious electrical problems, such as improper wiring or poor grounding.

If you recently installed a new light fixture or appliance and there are there too many items running through the same breaker contact us today.

LMV Electric provides full emergency service whenever an unexpected electrical problem arises. We are here to serve you all day, every day. In case of an emergency we are available 24 hours. Please text us at 773 575 8252 with your residential or commercial electrical emergency. Contact us now.